Apple customers have the most emotional connection to the brand, compared to others – Study

Apple has ranked first in a listing of the most intimate brands during the coronavirus pandemic, based on emotional factors such as fulfillment and ritual.

According to the analyst firm, MBLM’s, “Brand Intimacy COVID Study” which surveyed a series of brands and the emotional connections consumers had with them during the global health crisis. MBLM shared in its latest study that Apple beat out both Amazon and Disney as well as other household names like Google, YouTube, Walmart, and Netflix in its brand intimacy survey.


Apple Tops COVID-19 Brand Intimacy Survey

In addition to Apple, Amazon and Google took second and third place, respectively. Apple ranked as the top pick among women and millennials, while Amazon ranked as the top pick among men. Here’s a full list of the ranking:

  • First: Apple
  • Second: Amazon
  • Third: Google
  • Fourth: Walmart
  • Fifth: YouTube
  • Sixth: Toyota
  • Seventh: Disney
  • Eighth: Netflix
  • Ninth: Chevrolet
  • Tenth: PlayStation

In conjunction with this study, a recent survey found that Apple ranks highest in customer satisfaction, at 82 out of 100, according to data compiled by the American Customer Satisfaction Index. The company got top scores for its iPads and Mac computers as well as its top-selling smartphone.

iPhone 11

“We are facing a once-in-a-generation disruption to every facet of our lives. Our COVID-19 study reveals the impact on the world’s leading brands,” said Mario Natarelli, managing partner, MBLM. “We have uncovered that consumers have increased the number of brands they are bonding with. As we all look towards recovery, this comprehensive data can help businesses and their brands navigate what’s next.”


Natarelli also notes that “Almost 40% of Apple users said their emotional connection to the brand increased during COVID, and 55% of customers said they used Apple more during the pandemic.”

Other findings of the study are below.

  • During the pandemic, consumers have shown a 23% increase in the number of brands they are connecting with emotionally.
  • Media & entertainment, automotive, and retail are the top three industries for brand intimacy.
  • During the pandemic, men are forming deeper attachments to brands compared to women.
  • Zoom is the top brand that people were using more during the pandemic, followed by Purell and Netflix.
  • Purell is the number one brand for consumers willing to pay 20% more for its services or products.
  • Brands that are part of the smartphone ecosystem increased in strength during COVID-19, particularly access brands like Verizon and AT&T.

The Brand Intimacy COVID Study was carried out over late summer 2020 and surveyed 3,000 consumers across the U.S.

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