Apple will enable third-party payment support for dating apps in Netherlands

Apple has announced on its developer website that it will be complying with a new requirement by Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) and allow third-party payment options for dating apps.

As per the announcement, Apple does not believe that these orders from the ACM are in the user’s best interests and has filed an appeal in a higher court. But until then, the company will be complying with the orders and implementing two new optional entitlements for developers which will be exclusive to dating apps.

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Dating apps in the Netherlands will be able to provide alternative payment methods soon

These entitlements will allow dating app developers in the Netherlands App Store to provide new payment processing options for users. However, developers could still decide to use Apple’s in-app purchase system without making any changes, however, they will have to pay a 30% of 15% commission fee, based on their eligibility.

To comply with the ACM’s order, we’re introducing two optional new entitlements exclusively applicable to dating apps on the Netherlands App Store that provide additional payment processing options for users. Dating app developers who want to continue using Apple’s in-app purchase system may do so and no further action is needed.

Apple has also informed developers of the caveats that come with using their own payment system. As the company will not be able to validate the payments that take place outside of Apple’s own in-app purchase system, it will not be able to provide any assistance to users with refunds, subscription management, and other issues. The responsibility for such support issues will fall entirely on the developers. 

Before considering applying for one of these entitlements, it’s important to understand that some App Store features that you may use won’t be available to your customers, in part because we cannot validate the security and safety of payments that take place outside of the App Store’s private and secure payment system. Because Apple will not be directly aware of purchases made using alternative methods, Apple will not be able to assist users with refunds, purchase history, subscription management, and other issues encountered when purchasing digital goods and services through these alternative purchasing methods. You will be responsible for addressing such issues with customers.

While this will allow developers to bypass the 15% or 30% commission fee, they will have to put in more effort towards ensuring that they provide the proper support that customers expect when it comes to issues. Apple will still be charging a commission fee, however, the new fee has not been shared by the company yet.

Based on a complaint by the Match Group, ACM had started an investigation into Apple’s in-app purchases and whether they take away choice from users. This order has come as a result of the investigation. As Apple will be filing an appeal in a higher court, we will find out soon whether the order changes or not.

Apple will also be allowing alternative payment systems for App Store in South Korea, as per a recent law.

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