iPad Pro might support MagSafe wireless charging through glass logo on the back

Apple seems to have hit some roadblocks with its upcoming iPad Pro models that are supposed to feature wireless charging or MagSafe. The company has been experimenting with iPad Pro models with glass backs so that MagSafe works fine on them but as per the latest reports, Apple might scrap the glass backs altogether.

As per 9to5Mac, Apple is not sure about using glass as a material for the back of the new iPad Pro models as it would make them fragile and prone to fall damage. On the other hand, continuing with the Aluminum back would make it incompatible with wireless charging.

apple - M1 iPad Pro

iPad Pro with MagSafe wireless charging 

As a workaround, Apple is experimenting with prototypes with larger Apple logos on the back of the iPad Pro models that are made entirely of glass. The glass logo could allow power to transmit through it which should enable MagSafe charging functionality. The report also says that Apple is using stronger magnets to accommodate larger dimensions of iPad Pro, and will also support faster MagSafe charging speeds compared to iPhones.

It has also been reported before that Apple is working on iPad models larger than the 12.9-inch models that are currently sold. This was previously reported by Bloomberg last year too.

9to5Mac also says that the new iPad Pro will feature larger batteries which should help battery drain caused by accessories like the Magic Keyboard, as well as improved camera modules which would be the same as the ones used in iPhone 13. Apple might also include a brand new and faster M2 chip in the new tablets, which should make them even faster than the M1 iPad Pro models.

Lastly, in news that might not make everyone happy, Apple might also update the visual identity of future iPad Pro models by including a notch on the display. Considering that currently iPad Pro models already work great with hin bezels and Face ID, it will be a surprising and surely unwelcome move by Apple to force a notch on its premium tablets just to make it look like its other products.

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