2022 iPad Air will have an LCD instead of OLED, 11-inch iPad Pro will have mini-LED

It seems that Apple has dropped its plans to use an OLED displaying 2022 iPad Air, which was previously reported via various sources. iPad Air will continue to use an LCD for its display technology. It has also been reported that 2022 11-inch iPad Pro will also get a mini-LED display, which was added to the 12.9-inch iPad Pro this year. These details have been revealed in a new note by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

iPad Air OLED

iPad Air to continue to use LCD in 2022

Ming-Chi Kuo’s new note says that Apple has “canceled its plans to launch an OLED iPad Air in 2022 because the performance and cost could not meet Apple’s requirements”. We had reported a few days ago that Apple cancelled Samsung’s OLED display order for 2022 iPad Air, so this confirms the news.

The report also says that “lighter, thinner, and foldable designs are the major long-term trends for tablet-type products over the next 3–5 years.” This is a bit vague but seemingly points towards foldable iPad models.

Both Ming-Chi Kuo and the Elec had claimed that Apple will ship 2022 iPad Air with OLED displays and even use OLED with LTPO in 2023 iPad models. This latest report by Ming-Chi Kou also puts to rest the dubious report that Apple will transition to OLED displays for all iPad models in 2022. Considering that Apple had just introduced mini-LED in the 12.9-inch iPad Pro model, it seemed highly unlikely to happen.

Speaking of mini-LED, Kuo also reiterates that the 11-inch iPad Pro model will get a mini-LED display in 2022. He had previously reported too that Apple will expand mini-LED display tech to the 11-inch iPad Pro in 2022. It is also important to note that Mark Gurman recently said that iPad Pro will get a new design in 2022, alongside support for wireless charging. If the report is accurate, this would be the first time that Apple would ship wireless charging on an iPad. iPads can already wirelessly charge Apple Pencils, but that requires a very small amount of power. The future wireless charging update could potentially allow users to charge their iPhones or AirPods wirelessly using their iPad.

The note also touches upon the imminent MacBook Pro and MacBook Air switch to mini-LED display tech. Apple is expected to start with the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models this year and expand the display tech to a redesigned MacBook Air next year.

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