Apple in 2022: redesigned iPad Pro, Apple Silicon Mac Pro and MacBook Air, second-gen AirPods Pro and more

Apple is working on a new redesigned iPad Pro, second-generation AirPods Pro, a new Mac Pro with Apple Silicon, redesigned MacBook Air with Apple Silicon, and three new Apple Watch models for 2022. The company is still not done with 2021 though and is working on launching a new M1X MacBook Pro and second-generation AirPods, as per Mark Gurman’s latest PowerOn newsletter.

The newsletter also touches upon Apple’s upcoming mixed reality headset which will combine augmented reality and virtual reality and launch in 2022. Actual AR glasses are still two to four years away, as per Gurman.

M1 iPad Pro - iDOS


Regarding AirPods Pro, we do not know a lot about them except that the new AirPods Pro will feature fitness sensors. Apple has also tested variations of second-generation AirPods Pro which completely get rid of the stems, but it is unclear if Apple will actually get rid of the stems which are part of the iconic design now.

For the 2022 iPad Pro, Bloomberg had previously reported that Apple is working on a redesigned model with a glass back to support MagSafe and allow wireless charging and reverse wireless charging functionality to work. It will be amazing if Apple can get the wireless charging speeds to be fast enough to charge an iPad Pro’s battery. Currently, MagSafe supports just 15W charging speeds and it will take a long time to charge an iPad Pro with that speed.

Apple’s mixed reality headset has been marked for a Q2 2022 launch by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo before, and so far we have heard various reports such as it will use a high resolution micro OLED display with 3,000 PPI, and it will have to be paired with an iPhone or iPad to work.

Mark Gurman also insists that Apple will debut satellite capabilities in future iPhones and they will be used for text messages and phone calls in areas where cellular service is not available. Ming-Chi Kuo had said that this functionality will launch with iPhone 13 but it was not the case.

Other products like a Mac Pro with Apple Silicon, redesigned MacBook Air, and Mac mini Pro are still on track to launch by next year. Apple’s roadmap for Apple Silicon transition ends in November 2022, so we still have more than a year to go.

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