Apple executive talks about iPhone Macro challenge in interview

Apple Vice President of iPhone Marketing, Kaiann Drance, has appeared in an interview to talk about the evolution of mobile photography and the iPhone Macro challenge winners, with YouTuber Tyler Stalman.

iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max launched with support for macro photography which uses the ultrawide lens to take pictures from as close as 2cm to any subject. Apple recently held an iPhone Macro challenge to promote this feature and announced ten winners from around the world.

Apple shot on iPhone macro challenge

Kaiann Drance talks about iPhone 13 Macro challenge with Tyler Stalman

The interview with Kaiann Drance is almost an hour long and covers different topics like iPhone 13 camera potential, the benefits of macro photography, and other versatile photography features in iPhones like HDR 4, Cinematic Mode, and more. The interview also features some of the winners of the Macro challenge including Trevor Collins, Ashley Lee, Abhik Mondal, and Daniel Olah.

Regarding macro photography, the discussion revolved around how it has been made accessible to all users. Normally, a good macro lens costs as much as an iPhone itself, without even the cost of a camera body taken into account. With iPhone 13 Pro, this feature is available to all users, and they can take amazing photos no matter where they are. The Macro challenge has shown different perspectives from different photographers thanks to this camera feature.

Even though Apple continues to improve its cameras, Drance said that the company carefully manages its balancing act to ensure that users can just pick up the iPhone camera and use it. There is no learning curve for either new or experienced photographers, which makes it extremely easy for customers to just experiment and play with it.

The balance also applies to camera technologies like HDR to ensure that images captured from an iPhone look natural. This is important so that users would want to keep their photographs. Even in camera comparisons, it is often pointed out that iPhone cameras focus more on preserving a natural look rather than saturating photos with unreal colors.

Winners from the Macro challenge also share details in the interview on how they managed to capture their winning macro shots and the process involved in doing so.

Check out the full interview below:


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