Apple executives talk about M1 chip in multiple interviews

Apple executives have been on a roll lately with various M1 chip related interviews with a few YouTubers, and a website. The topics have covered the availability of Intel Macs, Rosetta 2, and much more, although the executives continues the usual Apple secrecy when it came to technical details such as chip wattage and so on.

M1 chip

Apple executives cover M1 Chip in interviews

The first interview was by The Independent with Apple’s Marketing Chief, Greg Joswiak, Software engineer, Craig Federighi, and Hardware engineering leader, John Terun. They discussed the new M1 chip, how they were shocked with its performance and efficiency, macOS Big Sur, and the assumption by some members of the public that Apple was considering touchscreen based Macs. Spoiler: they were not.

The next interview was by MKBHD in his podcast called Waveform, in which he spoke to Bob Borchers, VP of Product Marketing, and Tim Millet, VP of Platform Architecture. Both called it a huge leap for the Mac, and that it opens new capabilities for the platform. They spoke about how the work for M1 chip began from custom Apple Silicon for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. 13-inch MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and Mac mini are the most popular Macs in Apple’s line-up, which is why they started the roll-out with these products to reach their biggest user base. They also emphasized that they are a product company, not a “chip company” that sells to other OEMs.

The discussion also goes on into which Mac is the best for customers, power efficiency and battery capacities, and more. Check out the podcast below or on Apple podcasts here.

In an interview with Rene Ritchie, Stephen Tonna, Director Platform Product Marketing and Trisha Tierney, macOS Product Marketing Manager, spoke about macOS Big Sur, M1 chip based Macs, design, privacy, accessibility and much more. Here is the complete video:

The Tech Chap sat down, virtually, with Bob Borchers, VP of Product Marketing, and Tim Millet, VP of Platform Architecture in his YouTube video and discussed similar things in the interview regarding M1 chip, technology behind it, macOS Big Sur, x86 compatibility and more. Again, the executives made sure to not provide a lot of information regarding future products, or anything they did not announce before on stage. Check out the video below:

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