Apple explores integration of Google Gemini AI into iOS

There are rumors that Apple might announce a deal to use Google’s Gemini AI in its devices this fall. This comes alongside Apple developing its own AI assistant called Apple Intelligence.

Apple Intelligence

The news broke during Apple’s WWDC 2024 event, where Craig Federighi, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, hinted at the possibility of incorporating multiple AI models into Apple’s ecosystem.

While the focus was initially on integrating OpenAI’s ChatGPT into iOS 18, Federighi mentioned that Google’s Gemini might become an option down the line. This move underscores Apple’s commitment to providing diverse AI functionalities to its users.

iOS 18

Benefits of the partnership

Enhanced AI capabilities:

By integrating Google’s Gemini, Apple aims to bolster its AI offerings, which currently include its proprietary Apple Intelligence and the soon-to-be-integrated ChatGPT. This integration could significantly enhance Siri and other AI-driven features on Apple devices.

User customization:

Allowing users to choose between different AI models can provide a more personalized and efficient user experience. Users might prefer certain models for specific tasks, such as creative writing, coding, or general assistance, thus enhancing overall satisfaction.

Competitive edge:

Collaborating with Google could give Apple a competitive edge in the AI space. While Apple has made significant strides in AI, partnering with an industry leader like Google can accelerate advancements and improve AI functionalities across its devices.

Potential challenges

Regulatory scrutiny:

Any partnership between two tech giants like Apple and Google is likely to attract antitrust scrutiny. Regulatory bodies may closely examine the deal to ensure it does not harm competition or consumer choice.

Technical integration:

Integrating a third-party AI model into Apple’s tightly controlled ecosystem could pose technical challenges. Ensuring seamless integration without compromising performance or security will be crucial.

Market perception:

While the partnership could enhance AI capabilities, it might also be seen as an acknowledgment that Apple’s in-house AI developments are lagging behind competitors like Google and Microsoft. This perception could impact Apple’s brand image as a leader in innovation.


This partnership has the potential to redefine how AI is utilized across Apple’s product lineup, offering users unprecedented flexibility and functionality.

However, the outcome of these discussions remains uncertain, and any formal announcements might be made later this year at Apple’s WWDC or other major events.

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