Apple Intelligence to be integrated with Vision Pro by 2025

Apple recently made headlines at its WWDC 2024 by announcing visionOS 2, the most significant update to the Apple Vision Pro since its release. Alongside this, Apple introduced Apple Intelligence, an advanced AI solution initially available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac platforms. Speculation now suggests that Apple Intelligence may soon be integrated into the Vision Pro.

Apple Intelligence

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, recently revealed that the company is working on integrating Apple Intelligence into the Vision Pro. Although this integration won’t be completed this year, visionOS 2 will launch in the fall, introducing new features to the Vision Pro. Gurman notes that the Vision Pro’s robust hardware, including its M2 processor and 16GB of RAM, is more than capable of supporting Apple Intelligence, paving the way for a seamless integration in the future.

It also shouldn’t be a major engineering task, given that visionOS is a variant of the existing iPadOS software. The bigger challenge will be getting the user interface design team to make it all look right in the mixed-reality environment.

The integration of Apple Intelligence into the Vision Pro could redefine the XR landscape. The headset aims to enhance user convenience by minimizing the need for manual interaction. AI can facilitate this by understanding and executing vocal instructions, making the Vision Pro an even more powerful tool for productivity and immersive experiences.

Apple vision pro

Apple Intelligence’s capabilities, demonstrated through its initial platforms, are set to bring unparalleled advancements to the Vision Pro. Users can look forward to features like real-time translations and contextual understanding, which will significantly enhance the usability and functionality of the headset.

While the full rollout of Apple Intelligence for Vision Pro may take until 2025, the anticipation is already building. The headset’s current specifications, including its M2 processor and substantial memory, are well-suited for the integration of AI. As Apple continues to position the Vision Pro as a productivity device, the addition of Apple Intelligence will undoubtedly strengthen its appeal and capabilities.

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