‘Apple Glass’ will display a AR keyboard on any surface – Patent

A new patent granted to Apple by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office reveals a new ‘Apple Glass’ feature the company is working on. As explained in the filing, a head-mounted device will be able to display an AR keyboard on any surface to perform functions based on users’ actions like typing and more.

Apple Glass is the Cupertino tech giant’s alleged augmented reality (AR) headset meant to be worn over the eyes for unlocking other devicesvideo recording, playing games, and more. Previously granted patents showed that the tech giant is improving ‘Apple Glass’ design and technology by using Fresnel lenses in a display for a comfortable viewing experience and fixing the motion blur issue.

Apple Glass

AR keyboards displayed by Apple Glass like head-mount devices will

The filing describes that a virtual reality (VR) system, an augmented reality (AR) system, and/or a mixed reality (MR) system like Apple Glass will be used to display a keyboard within the field of view to manually type, give audio commands or other features based on the use.

Head-mounted devices, such as head-mounted displays, headsets, visors, smartglasses, head-up display, etc., can perform a range of functions that are managed by the components (e.g., sensors, circuitry, and other hardware) included with the wearable device. While a head-mounted device can provide outputs to a user in a variety of ways, it can also be helpful to allow a head-mounted device to receive inputs from a user. A head-mounted device as described herein can provide a user experience that is immersive while allowing the user to interact with the system in a manner that is natural, familiar, and intuitive.

Apple Glass- keyboard

The AR keyboard will display text in a way that will align with the users’ hands.

 The text can be displayed in a manner that allows a user to readily see the keyboard, the user’s hands, and the text that is generated by operation of the keyboard. The head-mounted device can further display features that facilitate the user’s operation of the keyboard. For example, suggested text, keystrokes, or other features correlated with keys of the keyboard can be displayed for selection by a user. By further example, the keyboard can be displayed in a position and orientation that conforms to an arrangement of the user’s hands within a field of view of the head-mounted device.

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