Apple Glass info revealed – price, features and release date

A new YouTube video has revealed tons of new information about Apple Glass, including their prices, features and release time frame.

Tech analyst Jon Prosser has revealed the details in his latest video on YouTube titled  ‘Apple’s AR Glasses! HERE YOU GO! Design, Name, Price, Release Date, and more! EXCLUSIVE LEAKS!’, in which he share all these leaks in detail.

Apple Glass price, features and release date

Here’s what we know so far after watching the video.

  • The new AR glasses from Apple will be called Apple Glass.
  • The starting price will be around $499 + prescription lenses cost.
  • It will operate similar to the first-gen Apple watch, with all data processing done on the iPhone.
  • Information will be displayed through Apple’s special UI called “Starboard”.
  • The displays in both lenses will be interacted with through gestures.
  • Early prototypes for the glasses feature LiDAR on the right temple, but no cameras.
  • They will support wireless charging with provided stand.
  • The company is targeting its release in late 2021 or early 2022.

Prosser shares that Apple planned to announce Apple Glass in either Q4 of 2020 or Q1 of 2021 as a “One More Thing” announcement. Apple may also try this at the iPhone 12 event. However, all of this is dependent on the pandemic, therefore, March 2021 is an alternative timeframe for its release.

Apple AR glasses
Source: Tom’s Guide

Apple Glass will be available to public in either Q4 of 2021 or Q1 of 2022. This may also explain the variation between Ming-Chi Kuo and Jon Prosser’s information about the products, suggesting that they may have been referring to different events. He further reports that Apple is not yet working on any tinted version of Apple Glass.

It looks as if these glasses are designed to use for interacting with your notifications. These will also increase your interaction with your iPhone, rather than just be a standalone product. This information is based on Prosser’s sources and the prototype he has seen. Apple may have worked on some of the features and changed them.

There is very less reason to doubt these leaks as Prosser has an excellent track record with leaking Apple information so far.

See the full video below:

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