Apple glasses will launch in first half of 2021, earlier than what other reports claim

According to tech analyst Jon Prosser, Apple glasses will be released between March and June of 2021. Prosser contradicted a report by renowned tech analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, which stated that the product is on course for 2020 debut.

Earlier this week, Kuo had predicted that Apple will launch augmented reality glasses in 2022 at the earliest. He also claimed that the production costs for these augmented reality glasses are higher, meaning that they will launch with a high price tag.

Apple Glasses to launch in Q1 2021

Jon Prosser reported on Friday that Kuo was “wrong” about the timeline by claiming that the product is one and a half years away. He went on to comment that Apple Glasses are planned to launch in March-June 2021. Prosser did not dive into much detail of the upcoming product but did mention that  he had “seen” the alleged Apple glasses and they have a  “Sleek as hell” design.

On Twitter, Jon shared that he plans to show ‘Starboard’, the user interface of Apple glasses. Previously, Prosser had commented on the alleged name, network support and functionality of the new AR glasses.

“I don’t think anyone has said this yet, but the AR glasses are 5G. I believe they are just called Apple Glasses, and that they will run off 5G, and will heavily depend on your Apple Watch and iPhone.”

Apple’s take on AR technology

Apple AR glasses
Source: Tom’s Guide

Although Apple has not officially announced plans for an AR headset or glasses, Tim Cook has frequently talked about the promising potential of augmented reality technology. Apple’s investments in research and development of the technology have led iPhone and iPad to become the biggest augmented reality platforms in the world.

The company has often promoted AR apps and claims that the best is yet to come for this type of technology. According to other leaks, there will also be an augmented-reality viewer built into iOS 14, scheduled for debut this fall.

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