Pokémon GO’s new Play at Home update informs users how to play during isolation

Niantic recently announced a new Play at Home feature coming to Pokémon GO. The developer has added many improvements during the COVID-19 period, making it much easier for trainers to enjoy their gameplay.

Niantic is finally putting together a guide section for browsing through all the gameplay options that are available for the Play at Home initiative. Soon, Trainers will be able to open up the Poké Ball menu and find information about all the changes made to Pokémon GO’s Field Research, Gifts, Remote Raids, and much more. Content containing this information will also be available on the Pokémon GO website first and will later arrive in the game.

Pokémon GO Play at Home

The guide will initially cover 6 main categories. These are:

  • Catches
  • Gifts
  • Battles
  • Buddies
  • Styles
  • Research

Pokémon GO

All of these categories will include relevant information about the updates coming to each portion of the game with the company’s Play at Home initiative. Each section will offer refresher courses for the game’s long-standing features as well. The sections will break down everything in detail including Style Shop, Field Research, etc.

Pokémon GO’s team shared in a blog post:

“The upcoming Play at Home section in the Poké Ball menu will soon be your go-to source for info on all the features that let you play the game in individual settings, wherever you are.

You can learn all about recent updates, such as how to get a daily bonus Field Research task without spinning a PokéStop and how to initiate a Trainer Battle via QR Code as well.”

As the game will continue to add more options and make changes, they will also be added to the menu. Since there have been various minor changes to the game’s basic features, these guidelines will be very useful for trainers to make sure that they are aware of the improvements and are taking advantage of all new features.

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