Apple hires game developers behind Playdeo studio to work on its mixed reality headset – Report

It has been long rumored that Apple is developing a mixed-reality headset that will feature Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) tech for an immersive gaming and viewing experience.

MobileGamer reports that the tech giant has hired game developers and co-founders of Playdeo studio, Jack Schulze and Timo Arnall.

Apple mixed reality headset

2 out of 3 co-founders of Playdeo studio are now employed by Apple

Playdeo is the studio behind “Avo”, and “Mystery Coast: Treasure Hunt” augment reality games on iOS. Called the “groundbreaking playable tv” by Apple, Avo offers a unique play inside video gameplay, and “Mystery Coast: Treasure Hunt” is a mystery-solving game centered around ocean exploration.

Now, two out of three co-founders of Playdeo are now at Apple allegedly for games development for the upcoming mixed reality headset. The report states that the developers’ employment substantiates the device is in the making.

Mobile game developer Playdeo has effectively closed after Apple swooped in to hire two of its three cofounders.

Several sources have told us that Playdeo’s Jack Schulze and Timo Arnall are now working at Apple, likely on mixed reality projects. The studio’s other cofounder, Nick Ludlam, has not joined the tech giant, we understand.

Apple mixed reality headset

According to sources, the new Apple mixed-reality headset will be equipped with three 4K micro-OLED displays from Sony with up to 3,000 pixels, 15 camera modules, and Fresnel’s hybrid ultra-short focal length lenses. It will be powered by two M-series processors for high-quality performance and power efficiency.

Reportedly, it will support Iris scanning for payments and authentication, eye-tracking for controls, Hand gestures for controls, Siri support for controls via voice command, along with skin detection, facial expression detection, and spatial detection for input.

With support for Arcade, TV+, sending and receiving texts via the Messages app, and FaceTime calls, the upcoming mixed-reality headset is likely to cost around cost $2000- $2500.

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