Everything we know about Apple mixed reality headset coming in early 2023

Apple is expected to launch a new product category early next year, its first-generation mixed reality headset with a combined Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) experience as early as 2023.

Although the AR/VR market is currently dominated by Meta Quest headsets, it is expected that Apple’s mixed reality headset will be able to beat the competition with innovative tech. Here is what we know about the new headset based on industry sources and published patent filings.

Apple mixed headset

Apple mixed reality headset will run on realityOS, feature M-series processors, and more

Designed to deliver enhanced gaming, communication, and media consumption experiences, Apple’s new AR/VR headset might offer the following features:

  • Name
  • Design
    • Apple mixed-reality headset will be thinner and lighter than current competing headsets. Made with mesh fabric and aluminum, the headset will weigh 200g for comfortable wear.
    • It will come with swappable headbands
    • The headset will be a portable device with independent computing power and storage but will not be mobile like an iPhone.
  • Display
  • Processor
    • Apple is going to power the new mixed-reality headset with the two M-series processors used in Macs to deliver high-quality performance and power efficiency. 
  • Cameras
    • The new headset will feature 15 camera modules used for different purposes. Developed by Largan, the cameras will deliver a see-through AR experience, innovative biometrics, and environmental detection

Apple mixed reality headset

  • Software
    • The tech giant has developed a new realityOS for the upcoming mixed reality headset. Its reference was found in two separate trademark filings in May 2022.
  • Functionality 
    • Iris scanning to payments and authentication
    • Eye-tracking for controls
    • Hand gestures for controls 
    • Siri support for controls via voice command
    • Skin detection
    • Facial expression detection
    • Spatial detection for input
  • Features
    • Apple Arcade
    • Apple TV+
    • Sending and receiving texts via the Messages app
    • Support for FaceTime calling
  • Price
    • first-generation mixed reality headset will cost $2000- $2500. However, it is expected that future upgrades will be cheaper.
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