Apple is looking into iPhone 14 “SIM Not Supported” bug

Apple is aware of the iPhone 14 “Sim Not Supported” issue that some users have been facing. When users see such a message, their iPhone 14 ends up freezing. This is especially annoying for users who are in the United States and use an eSIM-only variant of iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 SIM Not Supported

SIM Not Supported issue

In a memo sent by Apple to its Stores, MacRumors reports that the company is investigating the issue and that it’s not a hardware flaw. Customers should ensure that they have the latest software updates installed. If the issue persists and the “SIM Not Supported” message does not go away after a few minutes, Apple advises customers to go to their nearest Apple Store or authorized service provider, where the staff will try to resolve the issue.

Apple’s memo also says that customers should not try to restore their iPhone 14 to try and fix the issue, as it will not help. 

This is not the first issue that users have reported with the latest iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models. Previous issues included slow camera app launchcamera vibrating and making noise when third-party apps are used on iPhone 14 Pro, and copy and paste prompt appearing often. Apple fixes some of these issues with iOS 16.0.2. The company also released iOS 16.0.3 recently which fixes delayed notifications, low microphone volume during CarPlay use, slow camera launch, and the Mail app crashing with a malformed email address.

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