Apple released HomePod software 15 beta 3 update, after several reports of bricked speakers

Apple has released a HomePod software 15 beta update to AppleSeed program participants. Although Apple has officially discontinued the original smart speaker and will sell the new HomePod mini only, the HomePod will still receive software updates. Last week, several users reported that their HomePods running on iOS 14.6 and iOS 15 beta, had either suddenly stopped working or were overheating.

HomePod and HomePod mini

HomePod software 15 beta 3 update is available to select users

The release notes of the update do not mention specific details of what is the update includes. 9to5Mac notes that the new HomePod 15 software beta is available through AppleSeed Program only and can not be installed on the smart speaker through Apple Beta Software Progam or Apple Developer. A senior technician had told the affected user to wait for the next update which will be developer beta participants.

“I would tell your friends if they have installed OS15 beta on one or both of their HomePods and having issues to unplug them and not use them until next software update comes out to avoid damage to the logic board. In result of damaging your ‌HomePod‌. If your ‌HomePod‌ has failed due to the developer beta profile being installed which in that case apple cannot be held liable to fix the HomePods due to non licensed developer people installing this software, but suggest if your ‌HomePod‌ has in fact failed and you are a licensed developer you are urged to contact apple developer team for further assistance.”

So, if this update fixes the bickering or overheating issue, then the latest beta update excludes users outside AppleSeed Program and that might heighten users’ frustration. A Reddit user @larryendot shared his unpleasant experience of an unresponsive speaker which required an expensive fix.

So glad I found this thread. I had two OG HomePods connected to my Apple TV for several months. Last week one of them became unresponsive (flashing volume buttons, could not reset). I called support who sent me to the store.

The store said it’s dead and wanted $270 to get a new replacement. I walked out frustrated and did not invest any more in an abandoned product. Apple has a problem here – the customers who purchased OG HomePods must be some of their best customers, and this problem is going to get ugly if it’s widespread.

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