Apple iPad starting at $499!

iPadApple has finally unveiled their long awaited tablet. Behold, the iPad. It claims to replace netbooks with their poor functionality and its going to do it at a killer price. It’ll be shipped in two models, the wi-fi only model and the wi-fi plus 3G model. To make the 3G models functional, Apple has struck a deal with AT&T. iPad owners can choose from two data plans, 250MB for $14.99 and unlimited data for $29.99. In addition to this, AT&T will let you use their wi-fi hotspots for free. This plan is limited for customers in the US for now, but Apple is working on international deals too.

at&t The iPad will be available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions, starting from only $499. That, of course, being the price of the 16GB wi-fi only version. The other two wi-fi only models cost:

  • 32GB : $599
  • 64GB : $699

The models shipped with 3G come at a slightly higher price.

  • 16GB : $629
  • 32GB : $729
  • 64GB : $829

pricingThe iPad looks like a promising device. Apple made life easier by enabling all the app store apps to work on the iPad by default. Although, it would have been nice if it had a webcam too. If you want to be notified when the iPad’s ready to order, head over to the Apple website and enter your email address.

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