Apple is Planning an Overnight for its Stores on July 13th, New MacBook Airs and Lion is Coming!

Several Rumors are stating that Apple is planning an overnight for its Stores on July 13th, to change out signage for new MacBook Airs and OS X Lion. Normally during Apple’s overnights, they change signs, rearrange products and swap out new for old product.

black-apple-store (1).jpg

With this overnight, it’s pretty close to our original guess of when Lion would release. We should also be seeing the new MacBook Airs at this time, with Sandy Bridge CPU’s, HD FaceTime Camera, and Thunderbolt. They are also expected to have updated storage, which will be a bit faster than the current Flash Storage used in the current line of MacBook Air’s.

There have also been rumors regarding backlit keyboards (like in the MacBook Pro), a black MacBook Air, and a 15 inch Air model, which all seem too far out at this point. There have also been rumors of the Mac Mini’s and the Mac Pro being refreshed as well, including them with the 14th update, and if not then, they will soon follow. Other Apple models have seen low stock as well, meaning that Apple is starting to sell out of it’s Snow Leopard models and ramping up Lion to send out with new computers.

We should have more on July 13th if there is more to report, so stay tuned.

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