Apple looking for business manager with cryptocurrency and alternative payment experience, reveals job posting

Apple recently posted a job listing that hints at the possibility of the company being interested in cryptocurrency, as it is seeking candidates who have experience with ‘buy now, pay later’ methods of alternative payment. The tech giant is looking to hire a person to join its Apple Wallets, Payments, and Commerce (WPC) team to lead alternative payment partnerships.

Apple looking for business manager with cryptocurrency and alternative payment experience, reveals job posting

Apple posts job for ‘Alternative Payments’ business manager signaling interest in cryptocurrency

According to a¬†job listing posted Wednesday, the position entails leading alternative payment partnerships for Apple Wallets, Payments, and Commerce (WPC). The role would also include becoming Apple’s chief negotiator for partnerships in the alternative payment space.

“We are looking for a proven professional in global alternative and emerging payment solutions. We need your help forming partnership framework and commercial models, defining implementation paradigms, identifying key players and managing relationships with strategic alternative payment partners,” Apple wrote.

Apple posts job for 'Alternative Payments' business manager signaling interest in cryptocurrency 

The role demands at least five years of experience “working in or with alternative payment providers, such as digital wallets, BNPL, Fast Payments, cryptocurrency and etc.” Another requirement includes “deep knowledge of the alternative payments ecosystem, understanding the complexities of funds flow, roles/responsibilities for settlement, relevant regulations and industry standards and the wide spectrum of FinTech products.”

Another requisite of the role is that the business development manager will have to provide insights and opportunities to Apple teams to help build upon existing features of Apple’s payment space such as Apple Pay and Apple’s Wallet services.

Like most Apple job listings, it does not mention specific products the hire would work on. But the listing does mention some examples of alternative payments experience that Apple is looking for, including digital wallets, BNPL, fast payments, and cryptocurrency.

The listing suggests that Apple is looking to investigate the possibility of using cryptocurrency as a payment method on devices like the iPhone 12. It is important to note that the timing of the posting comes at an interesting time with Apple’s trial against Epic Games heading towards a conclusion. One of the major talking points of the trial was the possibility of using alternative payment systems on the iOS App Store.

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