Sony’s iconic PlayStation games might be available on iOS devices by 2022

Sony is bringing PlayStation franchise games to iOS after its rival Nintendo was successful at breaking into that market. According to Sony Interactive Entertainment’s president and CEO, the company intends to bring some of its “iconic IP” to mobile as early as this FY 2021. That means iOS and Android users might be able to enjoy games by Sony on their smartphones by 2022.

As part of Sony’s investor relations day on Thursday, a slide revealed that mobile gaming generated $121 billion worldwide in 2020, compared to $62 billion brought in by the console market and $42 billion generated by the PC gaming market.

Sony bringing PlayStation franchise games to iOS devices by next year

Sony intends to bring “iconic IP” PlayStation franchise games to iOS devices

As reported by VideoGamesChronicle, Sony CEO Jim Ryan wants PlayStation franchise games on mobile devices following its “very successful” first steps in the PC market.

We are beginning our journey to take PlayStation first-party IP off console. We started last year by publishing two of our games on PC, Horizon Zero Dawn and Predator, and both were profitable, and really had a very successful publishing debut. We will continue that in FY21 and we will continue that beyond.

In FY21 we will begin to publish some of our iconic PlayStation IP on mobile and we anticipate that in 2021k that will not provide a significant profit flow, but we do anticipate that as we learn from that experience, and as we increase the number of titles that we publish on mobile, the contrubution from both PC and mobile will start to become steadily more important as time passes.

At this point, it is not clear whether Sony will publish full PlayStation games to mobile or if the company will follow Nintendo’s footsteps with adaptations of its famous games. But with this confirmation, it is clear that Sony is intent on bringing our beloved PlayStation games on mobile devices.

Sony PlayStation 5

At Sony’s corporate strategy meeting on Wednesday, Ryan addressed the fact that they have only been thinking about how players enjoy their content and have had some early success experimenting with mobile games and apps to provide more options to gamers. Ryan believes that mobile is a platform that could be used to reach millions of games beyond their own console platform.

PlayStation has a huge catalogue of diverse first-party IP that can transition to smartphone gaming and complement our AAA games or live service games. We are exploring the mobile market with some wonderful PlayStation franchises so play stay tuned.

Ryan’s presentation also revealed that Uncharted 4 is one of Sony’s next PC releases. The company claimed that the standard PS5 will break even beginning in June 2021, while confirming its intentions to launch its PlayStation Direct online store in Europe in FY21.

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