Apple sends cease and desist letter to leaker selling stolen iPhone prototypes

Apple has sent a cease and desist letter to a leaker who was selling stolen iPhone prototypes on Twitter. The letter states that the leaker should share sources else they would be reported to the police.

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Apple goes after Twitter user who was selling the company’s stolen prototype hardware

The Twitter user is apparently a Chinese citizen and was involved in the trade of stolen Apple prototypes. These are products that are created for internal testing only and are never supposed to see the light of the day outside the company. Usually, these prototypes are recycled after they have served their purpose. However, many employees at Apple or partners like Foxconn sneak out these prototypes outsides of the offices and factories and sell them for a high price to collectors or hackers. This is not a new issue for Apple and has been happening for many years.

The cease and desist letter, obtained by Vice, was sent by Fangda Partners, Apple’s law firm in China. The letter reads that the Twitter user has infringed on Apple’s trade secrets by revealing information on the company’s unreleased and rumored products. As a company focused on secrecy, this is a major problem for Apple.

“You have disclosed without authorization a large amount of information related to Apple’s unreleased and rumored products, which has constituted a deliberate infringement of Apple’s trade secrets,”

“Through investigation, Apple has obtained relevant evidence about your unauthorized disclosure of Apple’s unreleased and rumored products. Your intentional infringement is specifically manifested as: publishing unpublished information about Apple’s new products through social media platforms, including but not limited to the design and performance of these new products.”

The letter says that the Twitter user should reveal the people who were providing them with the prototypes and also sign the document to confirm compliance within 14 days. Apple wants to ensure that it can identify the people who are leaking these products from the supply chain and stop the leaks.

Ever since the letter was sent, the Twitter user called Mr. White has closed his account. However, there are still many other sellers who are still active on Twitter, alongside many buyers who love to show off their collection. Just recently, a Twitter user who goes by the name “Apple Demo”, created a Loki theme parody video using their collection of prototype Apple hardware.

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