Apple releases troubleshooting guide to resolve M1 Mac mini ‘pink squares’ display issue

Apple’s M1 Mac mini has run into an uncanny-sounding bug that displays pink squares or pixels on the monitor screen it is connected to. The tech giant is aware of this issue and is investigating the cause of the bug according to an internal memo sent to service providers.

Since the new M1-based Mac mini was launched, there have been several reports with pink squares popping up on an external display on various forums. The pink squares may be more general when connecting via HDMI cable rather than Thunderbolt. A user shared,

I received my M1 Mac mini on Tuesday and didn’t experience any problem until today. Turned it on and noticed some small pink squares moving around my monitor. They would change position as I opened a folder or right clicked on something. After changing the stock wallpaper they disappeared. I also switch my HDMI cable just because, but I’ve been using this HDMI cable with other devices with no problem what so ever. Hoping it’s not a hardware issue as this is a brand new unit. Has anyone dealt with similar problems?

M1 Mac mini

Apple shares a workaround for M1 Mac mini display issue while looking for its cause

The issue has been reported by users across the Apple Support Communities, Reddit, and MacRumors Forums since November when the M1 Mac mini was launched. Fortunately for the users, Apple is taking action and has informed service provides in an internal memo. And the company has outlined the following troubleshooting options:

  1. Put the Mac mini to sleep.
  2. Wait 2 minutes and wake the Mac mini
  3. Unplug the display from the Mac mini, and then plug the display back in.
  4. Adjust the display’s resolution by going to System Preferences > Displays.

The Cupertino tech giant did not give a timeframe for a fix, but the memo was issued a week after the release of macOS Big Sur 11.2.1. The tech giant does say that if the problem remains after restarting the Mac mini, users should repeat the above-mentioned steps.

M1 Mac mini

There have been other external display issues reported with the M1 Mac mini in recent months like green/black squares, resolutions unavailable when using super-ultrawide or ultrawide display, USB-C connections issues.

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