Apple Maps team receives unique gift for its “distinct” contribution

In iOS 15, the Apple Maps app has received major upgrades like the interactive globe, 3-D details of a city, precise navigation, and much more. To show appreciation for their work and innovative contributions, Apple has sent Apple Maps team members unique gifts that include pins, stickers, posters of new features, and a thank you note. 

Apple Maps

Apple Team appreciate their efforts which go beyond “good enough”

A proud husband shared the images of the gift package his wife, Anna Davenport, received from Apple on LinkedIn, and u/12DuTap posted it on Reddit. Even though it is a small gesture but it holds a lot of sentimental value for the team as their hard work is acknowledged and appreciated. The thank-you note reads:

We did it. You did it. Each and every one of you has your fingerprints on Springfield. 

You continued to innovate long past the point others might have said, “this is good enough.” You saw around the corners and gave our customers a revolutionary product they didn’t even know they needed yet. 

Thank you for all of your distinct contributions of this product and for building on the legacy of great work hear at Apple. 

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Maps app now offers an immersive 3-D experience right in the palm of your hands with features like an interactive globe that shows textures and contours of natural landforms like deserts, mountain ranges, oceans, rainforests, and other landforms, 3-D road details through cities like turn lanes, bus, and taxi lanes, crosswalks, and more, transit updates, curated guides and it is gradually expanding the availability of 3-D walking directions in more cities. 

After rolling out Maps in Australia, Apple released 3-D maps in Washington D.C and Philadelphia

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