Apple Maps to gain custom routes in iOS 18

A long-awaited feature is finally arriving for iPhone users: custom routes in Apple Maps! This addition, with the upcoming iOS 18 update, is expected to significantly improve users’ navigation.

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Custom routes in Apple Maps to challenge Google Maps in iOS 18

Reports from reputable sources like MacRumors have shed light on Apple’s plans to introduce “custom routes” support in iOS 18, a move that could redefine how users interact with navigation apps. Currently, Apple Maps users are confined to preset routes, limiting their flexibility and personalization options. With the addition of custom routes, users will gain unprecedented control over their navigation experience, marking a substantial leap forward in Apple Maps’ capabilities.

apple maps routes

So, what exactly are custom routes, and why are they such a game-changer? Put simply, custom routes allow users to craft their preferred navigation paths tailored to their specific needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize scenic drives, convenient pit stops, or familiar roads, custom routes empower you to chart your course with precision and purpose.

Apple’s decision to integrate custom routes into Apple Maps is not merely a response to user demands; it’s a strategic move to enhance the app’s competitiveness in the navigation landscape. While rival services like Google Maps have long offered custom route creation, Apple is expected to deliver a more seamless and user-friendly experience, eliminating the need for complex workarounds involving computers and multiple devices.

iOS 18 announcement and expected features

iOS 18, slated to be announced at WWDC 2024 on June 10, promises a wave of features designed to transform the user experience. One such innovation is the integration of generative AI, enabling personalized content creation and enhanced photo editing tools.

Siri is also set to receive a significant upgrade. The focus is on improving natural language processing, making interactions with Siri feel more intuitive and helpful. This could translate to faster completion of tasks and a more conversational way to interact with your device.

It has also been reported that iOS 18 will offer extensive Home Screen customization options, including the ability to create blank spaces and arrange app icons freely. This update aims to provide iPhone users with more control over their device’s appearance, bridging the gap with Android’s customization features.

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