iOS 17.4 unlocks faster wireless charging for iPhone 12

In a surprising turn of events, iPhone 12 users are now experiencing enhanced wireless charging capabilities thanks to the iOS 17.4 update. While Apple has not officially announced this feature, reports from publications and users confirm that the iPhone 12 now supports Qi2 wireless charging at speeds of up to 15W, aligning it with the latest advancements in wireless charging technology.

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Qi2 wireless charging is the next generation of wireless charging technology developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). Inspired by Apple’s MagSafe technology, Qi2 brings improved efficiency and magnetic alignment features to wireless charging solutions. It builds upon the original Qi standard, offering faster charging speeds and an enhanced user experience.

iPhone 12 now charges faster with Qi2

The introduction of Qi2 support with iOS 17.4 marks a significant milestone for iPhone 12 users. Initially introduced with the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, Qi2 support was extended to iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 models through the iOS 17.2 update. However, iPhone 12 users were left without this enhancement until the iOS 17.4 update quietly unlocked Qi2 support for their devices, bridging the gap between older and newer iPhone models in terms of charging capabilities.

The addition of Qi2 support brings several benefits for iPhone 12 users. One of the most notable advantages is the faster wireless charging speeds of up to 15W. This eliminates the previous limitations of 7.5W charging speeds with standard Qi chargers, providing a significant boost in charging efficiency and convenience.

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Moreover, Qi2 chargers offer improved magnetic alignment, ensuring a secure and stable connection between the charger and the iPhone 12. This alignment feature reduces the chances of misalignment during charging, which can lead to slower charging or interruptions.

Tests conducted by Macworld showcase the improved charging speeds achieved with Qi2 chargers compared to traditional MagSafe chargers. The iPhone 12 Pro Max charged to 30% in just 33 minutes using an Anker Qi2 MagGo Wireless Charger, matching the performance of Apple-certified MagSafe chargers. This demonstrates the effectiveness and reliability of Qi2 charging solutions in delivering fast and consistent charging experiences.

The integration of Qi2 support for the iPhone 12 highlights the ongoing development of wireless charging technologies. With the increase in Qi2-compatible chargers in the market, users can expect a wider range of affordable and efficient charging solutions. The availability of Qi2 support also encourages innovation in charging accessories, leading to advancements such as higher power outputs, improved compatibility, and enhanced user experiences.

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