M3 Ultra to ditch multi-chip approach in favor of standalone design

Apple’s M3 series chips have already taken Mac performance to new heights. However, rumors surrounding the M3 Ultra, a variant within the M3 family, suggest a potential design departure that could unlock even greater performance and customization possibilities.

M3 Ultra

M3 Ultra’s rumored standalone architecture could unlock a new level of performance and customization

Apple’s M3 Ultra chip is generating buzz due to its anticipated design as a standalone chip rather than a combination of two M3 Max dies. This shift marks a significant departure from previous versions, unlocking new possibilities for both power and user control.

The speculation gains credibility from observations made by tech enthusiasts like Vadim Yuryev and insights from sources like @techanalye1, suggesting that the M3 Max chip lacks the UltraFusion interconnect, paving the way for the standalone M3 Ultra design.

Apple’s in the process of restructuring their Apple Silicon lineup. M3 Max no longer comes with the UltraFusion interconnect (see image)

This means that the M3 Ultra chip will be redesigned as its own standalone chip, no longer being made up of 2x Max dies.

M series Max chips

The transition to a single die in the M3 Ultra could enable Apple to fine-tune the chip for enhanced performance. One major customization could be the exclusion of efficiency cores in favor of an all-performance core design, potentially boosting computational power for intensive workloads.

Moreover, the M3 Ultra might boast additional GPU cores, leading to unparalleled graphical performance. This strategic shift aligns with Apple’s commitment to delivering top-notch performance across its product lineup, especially in devices like the rumored 2024 Mac Studio.

M2 Ultra benchmark scores

Furthermore, the possibility of an M3 Extreme variant, leveraging the UltraFusion interconnect for double the performance, opens doors for even more powerful workstation-level machines. This could breathe new life into the Mac Pro lineup, positioning it as a compelling choice for users with intensive computing needs.

M3 Extreme is going to be insanely power, without any E cores. This chip’s integrated GPU will likely be neck and neck with Nvidia’s flagship desktop GPUs.

While these speculations paint an exciting picture of Apple’s silicon roadmap, it’s essential to remember that they remain speculative until officially confirmed by Apple. The rumored mid-2024 release timeline for the M3 Ultra-powered Mac Studio hints at potential announcements during WWDC 2024 on June 10.

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