Apple to debut Mac Studio with M3 Ultra in mid-2024

According to a new report, Apple will debut an updated Mac Studio with M3 Ultra in the middle of this year. The highly anticipated M3 Ultra chip promises a leap in performance and capabilities.

Mac Studio with M3 Ultra

Mac Studio with M3 Ultra to offer a massive leap in performance with N3E tech

The current Mac Studio, introduced at WWDC in June 2023, houses M2 Max and M2 Ultra chip options. TrendForce’s report suggests Apple will announce the Mac Studio with M3 Ultra at WWDC 2024. This new iteration is expected to showcase the power of the M3 Ultra chip, a significant advancement over its predecessors.

The M3 Ultra chip is rumored to be manufactured using TSMC’s N3E node, marking a departure from the N3B process used for the M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max chips. This shift could potentially offer improved performance and a higher production yield. However, the report raises eyebrows by suggesting that the M3 Ultra might consist of two “Max” chips linked via UltraFusion chip interconnect technology, a departure from Apple’s traditional chip architecture strategy.

M3 Max chip

Comparing the M3 Ultra with its predecessor, the M2 Ultra, raises anticipation for groundbreaking performance. The M2 Ultra, with its 24 CPU cores and 60 GPU cores, has already set a high bar. Geekbench results indicate that the M3 Max outperforms the M2 Ultra, hinting at the substantial power the M3 Ultra might bring. Real-world tests, such as video exporting in Final Cut Pro, showcase the prowess of the M3 Max, setting the stage for an even more powerful M3 Ultra.

The arrival of the M3 Ultra in the Mac Studio is poised to make it one of the most powerful machines in its compact form. However, the absence of any mention of the Mac Pro in recent reports raises questions about Apple’s plans for its high-end desktop. Speculation arises as to whether the M3 Ultra will be reserved exclusively for the Mac Studio or if a separate update for the Mac Pro is in the works.

m2 ultra Mac Pro

While the exact release date remains unconfirmed, reports suggest a launch around WWDC 2024. Apple’s aggressive upgrade curve, evident in the rapid release of the M3 series just 10 months after the M2 series, leaves users pondering the optimal time to invest in the latest technology. The M3 Ultra’s potential release could prompt existing owners to evaluate their devices’ performance against the latest offerings.

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