What will Apple announce on May 7? Supersized iPad Air, OLED iPad Pro with M4 and more

After 18 months without a new iPad model, the tech world’s eyes are set on Apple’s upcoming “Let Loose” event on May 7th. This highly anticipated event is expected to be a showcase for the iPad, with rumors circulating about exciting upgrades across the entire product line.

Let’s delve into what we can expect from Apple’s long-awaited iPad refresh.

Apple May 7 iPad launch event

The star of the show is expected to be the all-new iPad Pro. This flagship model is rumored to receive a significant visual upgrade with a cutting-edge OLED display. Compared to the current Liquid Retina XDR mini-LED display, OLED technology offers richer blacks, deeper contrast, and potentially even improved battery life due to its self-illuminating nature. This display upgrade, potentially dubbed “Super Retina” by Apple, would elevate the visual experience on the iPad Pro to new heights.

But the upgrades might not stop there. The most intriguing rumor surrounding the new iPad Pro is the possible inclusion of the M4 chip. Apple’s M-series chips have revolutionized performance on their devices, and the M4 chip could offer a significant leap forward in processing power. This boost in performance, coupled with the rumored OLED display, could solidify the iPad Pro’s position as a powerful productivity machine capable of handling even the most demanding tasks.


The iPad Air, known for its balance of power and portability, is also getting a refresh. Alongside the standard model, Apple might unveil a brand new 12.9-inch iPad Air. This larger size would offer a more expansive canvas for creatives and multitaskers without sacrificing the signature lightweight design that defines the Air series. While earlier rumors hinted at a mini-LED display for the larger Air, recent reports suggest a possible shift to a different technology. Regardless of the final display choice, the iPad Air is expected to become a more compelling option for users seeking a powerful and versatile tablet experience.

iPad Air 5

The “Let Loose” event isn’t just about the iPads. Apple is also rumored to unveil a new iteration of the Apple Pencil. This digital pen could boast innovative features like haptic feedback, offering subtle vibrations to enhance the drawing and writing experience. Additionally, a “squeeze” gesture might be introduced, allowing users to activate specific functions with a simple press of the Pencil itself.

The Magic Keyboard, a popular accessory that transforms the iPad into a laptop-like experience, is also rumored to receive an upgrade. A more durable aluminum construction could replace the current design, offering increased sturdiness and a more premium feel. Additionally, a larger trackpad is a possibility, further blurring the lines between tablet and laptop functionality.

WWDC 2024

While the “Let Loose” event focuses on hardware, it’s important to remember the software ecosystem as well. Apple’s iPadOS 18, expected to be unveiled at WWDC 2024 in June, will likely play a crucial role in unlocking the full potential of these new iPads. Rumors suggest that iPadOS 18 will come packed with AI features, potentially leveraging the rumored M4 chip’s increased neural processing power. Additionally, a new calculator app is a possibility, hinting at a renewed focus on productivity enhancements for the iPad platform.

(via Bloomberg)

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