Apple Music Classical arrives on Android devices

Apple Music Classical has made its way to the Google Play Store, extending its reach to Android users who have an Apple Music or Apple One subscription. The availability of the app on Android was recently spotted by 9to5Mac, marking a significant expansion for classical music enthusiasts.

Apple Music Classical app

As iPad and Mac users anticipate the service’s launch, Apple Music Classical hits Google Play Store

Apple’s acquisition of Primephonic, a classical music streaming service, in 2021 hinted at the tech giant’s plans to introduce a dedicated classical music app. Apple Music Classical was initially launched on iPhones in March of this year. Interestingly, the Android release precedes the launch of optimized versions for iPad and Mac.

With over five million tracks and a wealth of data attributes encompassing composers, unique works, and movements, the app offers a comprehensive library for subscribers. Its specialized search engine tailored for classical music allows users to find recordings across the extensive catalog easily.

Apple Music Classical Android

Recognizing the complexities of classical music, where works often consist of multiple movements and recordings vary across orchestras, conductors, and soloists, Apple designed the app to address these intricacies. Users can employ various keyword combinations to search for specific compositions, including composer, work, opus number, conductor, artist, instrument, or even the work’s name. Additionally, each work is accompanied by a selection of “Editor’s Choice” performances.

The decision to release the Android version ahead of optimized iPad and Mac apps may be attributed to Primephonic’s existing Android app, which is likely to be replaced by Apple Music Classical. The Android version of the app is compatible with Android 9 or later and is available worldwide, except in China, Japan, Korea, Russia, and Taiwan, where Apple Music is not offered.

Apple’s expansion into the Android market with Apple Music Classical demonstrates the company’s commitment to catering to classical music lovers across various platforms. With its extensive catalog and specialized search capabilities, the app offers a unique experience for classical music enthusiasts on the Android platform.

(via 9to5Mac)

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