Colored MagSafe charger for iPhone rumored to be in the works

Apple has reportedly developed a colored prototype of its MagSafe Charger for iPhone, suggesting the potential for expanded color options in the future. 


Leaked prototypes show Apple’s MagSafe charger may go beyond silver

According to a Twitter account known as @KosutamiSan, Apple has created a prototype of a colored version of its MagSafe Charger for the iPhone. This revelation has sparked excitement among Apple enthusiasts who are eager to see more color options beyond the standard silver model.

@KosutamiSan, a collector of rare Apple products, claims to have obtained insider information about this prototype. The information suggests that Apple had plans to release a colored version of the MagSafe Charger, similar to the MagSafe 3 cables that accompany the M2 MacBook Air. In fact, Apple already offers color-matched MagSafe 3 charging cables in Space Gray, Silver, Midnight, and Starlight to complement the MacBook Air.

m2 macbook Air

According to @KosutamiSan, the prototyped colored MagSafe Charger for the iPhone boasts a higher level of color saturation compared to the MagSafe power cables. As proof, the collector shared an image of a Starlight-colored MagSafe puck, offering a glimpse of what a colored MagSafe Charger could look like. Furthermore, @KosutamiSan claims that Apple has also explored colored versions for an unreleased horizontal stand-based model called the “Magic Charger.”


It remains unclear whether the colored chargers were intended to match specific iPhone colors that were never released, or if Apple plans to bring them to the market in the future. However, the existence of these prototypes is undeniably intriguing. Apple’s willingness to experiment with different color options for its MagSafe Charger indicates a potential expansion beyond the limited selection it currently offers.

Moreover, the timing of these developments could be significant. With the emergence of the Qi2 market later this year, Apple may be considering a strategic move to compete with rivals by offering more varieties of its MagSafe charger. By doing so, Apple aims to maintain its dominance in the wireless charging landscape while catering to the preferences of its user base.

In addition to the color prototype news, it’s worth noting that Apple is actively involved in the development of the new version of the Qi open standard. This upcoming version will function similarly to MagSafe and is expected to enable 15W wireless fast charging on Apple’s next-generation iPhone 15 models, even when using third-party chargers that lack Apple certification. This development eliminates a significant hurdle for third-party wireless chargers and enhances compatibility, thereby fostering a more competitive market for wireless charging solutions.

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