iPhone 13 Pro Max vs. Galaxy S23 Ultra: Speed test results

While iPhone 14 Pro Max secured the top spot, Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra became the most popular premium Android phone in Q1, 2023 according to Canalys’ new report. As Galaxy S23 Ultra launched in February 2023 almost 5 months after Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max, users got several speed test comparisons of both premium smartphones to see which was better.

If you are curious to find out the performance of Galaxy S23 Ultra against iPhone 13 Pro Max, we have listed the results of different speed tests to check which delivers faster performance. Previously it outshined Galaxy S22 Ultra, and Galaxy S21 Ultra in performance.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs. Galaxy S23 Ultra: which performs faster?

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is powered A15 Bionic chip that is built on a 5nm process like the A16 Bionic chip used in the latest iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Specs iPhone 13 Pro Max Galaxy S23 Ultra
Processor A15 Bionic Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
Display 6.7-inch with 120Hz ProMotion 6.8-inch with 120Hz refresh rate
GPU In house GPU 5 core Adreno 730 GPU
Storage 6GB of RAM 12GB of RAM
OS iOS 16 Android
Battery 4352 mAh 5,000mAh

Here is how the iPhone 13 Pro Max performed against Galaxy S23 Ultra in speed tests conducted by the following three YouTubers:

@Nick Ackerman

  • Boot-up test: iPhone 13 Pro Max was slightly faster.
  • Unlocking and OS speed: iPhone 13 Pro Max has a more “buttery smooth” experience.
  • Performance tests: *opening the same apps on both phones at the same time.
    • Galaxy S23 Ultra launched apps slightly faster after a reboot
    • iPhone 13 Pro Max and Galaxy S23 Ultra both relaunched apps pretty smoothly.
  • Geekbench 6 CPU benchmark scores:
    • iPhone 13 Pro Max: 2289 single-core score and 5577 multi-core score.
    • Galaxy S23 Ultra: 1970 single-core score and 5147 multi-core score.
  • Wild Life Extreme test (graphical performance) scores:
    • Galaxy S23 Ultra: 3788 with an average of 22.7 fps
    • iPhone 13 Pro Max: 2783 with an average of 16.7 fps


  • Boot test: iPhone 13 Pro Max faster
  • Performance tests:
    • Launching apps: Mixed results, while iPhone 13 Pro Max opened a few apps faster, it lagged behind Galaxy S23 Ultra in opening others.
    • Relaunching apps in the background: Both smartphones had almost the same performance.

The speed test conducted by @Tech Through Toni showed similar results as @TechTag’s test in launching and relaunching apps, and as @Nick Ackerman’s test results in locking and OS experience.



Galaxy S23 Ultra has more RAM which gives it an edge over iPhone 13 Pro Max, but that does not mean that iPhone 13 Pro Max’s performance is significantly inferior to S23 Ultra. Being almost 1.5 years older than S23 Ultra, iPhone 13 Pro Max delivers great performance and user experience.

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