Apple Music is the second most popular music streaming service, worldwide

The new music subscriber market shares report by MIDiA reveals that Apple Music is the second most popular music streaming service, worldwide. With a 15% market share, Apple Music is in the second spot behind Spotify which accounts for 31% of the global music subscriber market share in Q2, 2021. 

The report also explains that the global base of music subscribers has seen growth from 109.5 million in Q2, 2020 to 523.9 million in Q2, 2021 which is a positive sign. 

Apple Music

Spotify added more subscribers in 12 months than Apple Music and other music streaming services 

In the 12 months leading to Q2, 2021, Spotify added more subscribers than any other music streaming service. 

Spotify remains the DSP with the highest market share (31%), but this was down from 33% in Q2 2020 and 34% in Q2 2019. With Apple Music being a distant second with 15% market share, and Spotify adding more subscribers in the 12 months leading up to Q2 2021 than any other single DSP, there is no risk of Spotify losing its leading position anytime soon. 

Having said that, the subscribers base of Spotify has seen a decline in the past 2 years:  33% in Q2, 2020 and 34% in Q2, 2019. On the other hand, the subscribers base of rival music streaming services is growing steadily, hinting at the “steady and persistent” erosion of its share. The report states: 

Amazon Music once again out-performed Spotify in terms of growth (25% compared to 20%), but the standout success story among Western DSPs was YouTube Music, for the second successive year. Google was once the laggard of the space, but the launch of YouTube Music has transformed its fortunes, growing by more than 50% in the 12 months leading up to Q2 2021. YouTube Music was the only Western DSP to increase global market share during this the period. 

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Apple Music introduced Lossless audio and Spatial audio features on the service for no additional charges. The tech giant also introduced a cheaper Apple Music Voice Plan to target a new demographic and as a promotional offer, new Shazam app users are given 5 months of Apple Music for free. 

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