New Apple ad promotes iOS privacy protections for emails, app tracking, payments and more

Apple has released a new ad “A day in the life of an average person’s data” starring Nick Mohammed from TV+ popular comedy show Ted Lasso. The ad highlights iOS privacy features and how they protect from digital marketers looking to harvest data like their location, email addresses, shopping habits, online activities, and more. 

iOS privacy ad

How to use Apple iOS privacy features to prevent invasive tracking in daily life

Uploaded on Apple’s official YouTube channel, the new ad features an Apple specialist who spends a day with Mohammed to educate the users on how their data is cleverly collected via invasive tracking and how iOS prevents that from happening throughout the day.

  • Starting the day with a walk to the coffee shop, the specialist explains how Mail Privacy Protection prevents email marketers from following users’ email activities by hiding their IP addresses and blocking them from accessing users’ locations.

iOS privacy ad

  • Enabled by default, the Intelligent Tracking Prevent protects users browsing activity while waiting for coffee or anywhere else by making it very difficult for data companies to identify them, so they don’t have to use fake names like Mohammad.

iOS privacy ad

  • The popular App Tracking Transparency gives users control of their data by mandating all apps to seek users’ permission to track their activity across third-party apps and websites. 
  • Users should use Apple Pay to shop online or at stores without worrying about anyone finding out their purchasing habits.

Apple recently rolled out Advanced Data Protection for iCloud globally on iOS 16.3 after introducing it in the United States in iOS 16.2. The new privacy feature expands end-to-end encryption protection to more iCloud data categories. Now, users can enable Advanced Data Protection for 23 iCloud data categories, only excluding Mail, calendar, and contacts.

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