Apple adds new ‘People Detection’ an AR-enhanced accessibility feature to iOS 14.2 developer beta

In the latest iOS 14.2 developer beta, Apple has included a new feature called People Detection. The feature is designed to use machine learning and augmented reality to detect humans and objects are in the surrounding.

As the new feature will be included in the existing accessibility features menu, one of the main use of People Detection is to help low-vision and blind users to navigate. iOS 14.2 would best serve its ability with the LiDAR sensor in iPhone 12 Pro. The objective is to help the visually impaired recognize their surroundings.

Apple iOS 14.2

Apple adds People Detection – new AR-enhanced feature

The feature will be able to detect objects and people like locating an empty seat at a table, the number of people standing in a restaurant line, to measure how close a person is standing at the end of a platform, and the software can even locate if someone is within six feet of your space, given the current situations of social distancing.

Users with visual impairment can enable alerts for various purposes like setting a minimum distance for alerts. If users are wearing AirPods, the notification bell will alert them that they are in close proximity to another person. However, the software does not operate in the dark. For improvements, Apple allows users to send in feedback. 

iPhone 12 Pro- LiDAR

In different words, things taught to visually impaired students in school such as riding public transit, proper cane technique, street-crossing – Apple takes these concepts and gives them a digital spin via tech. People Detection heightens spatial awareness of the user.

The work that Apple has done on People Detection, makes a person wonder about Apple’s AR-powered glasses. This software would work perfectly with a pair of glasses, navigating the way visually and through sound. Although with Apple, it is always difficult to know for sure. The company has a notorious reputation for surprises and secrecy. But considering the new update, it seems like Apple is on the track for making iOS 14.2 more useful in the future.

iPhone 12

Apple enhanced VoiceOver to be more aware of the physical world. This also implies deciphering an image posted on social media along with identifying the location of a pet in the room. 

Users can find the People Detection by tapping on the people icon on the extreme right of the Magnifier toolbar. It will be available to every customer once the iOS 14.2 update goes public.

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