Apple offers free one-month trial for MLS Season Pass

Apple and the MLS (Major League Soccer) have joined forces to introduce a compelling offer for soccer enthusiasts. For the first time, they have launched a one-month free trial for the MLS Season Pass.

The initiative allows fans to access live streaming and on-demand content for all MLS games without any geographical restrictions or blackout limitations. The offer is available to both new and returning monthly subscribers.

MLS Season Pass

Apple and MLS launch a free trial for MLS Season Pass for a limited time

Interested individuals can redeem the one-month trial through a provided link but it is valid for a limited time. After the trial period concludes, the subscription will automatically renew at the standard monthly price of the MLS Season Pass, which is $14.99 or $12.99 for TV+ members unless cancelled by the user.

The free trial offer runs until October 31, aligning with the conclusion of this year’s soccer season. This move not only presents an excellent chance for fans to experience the benefits of the MLS Season Pass but also introduces them to the convenience and excitement of streaming MLS games through Apple’s platform.

While the exact success of the MLS Season Pass remains uncertain, neither Apple nor the MLS has released any subscription or viewership figures regarding the service’s performance in its inaugural year. However, the launch of the MLS Season Pass in February received positive feedback for its high-quality video streams and overall strong broadcast production value.

Apple TV app - MLS Season Pass

That being said, some criticisms have been raised by viewers. One common complaint is the availability of replays after live game broadcasts, as they can take several hours to appear on certain platforms. Until recently, the app’s user interface did not prominently display replays, leading users to wonder if they were available at all. Additionally, the default setting of “Show Sports Scores” has caused frustration among fans, as it can inadvertently spoil matches for those joining late.

Another issue raised is the lack of options to disable sports scores from appearing on game thumbnails, particularly on certain platforms like the web interface at Furthermore, the absence of a native Android app has proven to be a source of frustration for MLS fans who are not part of the Apple ecosystem.

Apple TV app - MLS

The primary concern voiced by many fans is the paywalling of local team games, which were previously accessible through national broadcasts or popular cable channels. Some argue that the MLS Season Pass subscription is too expensive for access to just one league when compared to competing subscriptions like Peacock or Paramount, which offer a wider range of sports games and other content at a lower overall monthly price.

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