Apple may partner with BMW or Honda to manufacture Apple Car – Report

The rumor mills have already reported that Apple is in talks with four potential automobile manufacturers to assemble its first autonomous electric vehicle, Apple Car. Now a new report claims that the Cupertino tech giant is exploring partnership deals with BMW, Honda, Stellantis, and Nissan.

Previously, Apple was in talks with Hyundai to manufacture Apple Car in Kia Motors, its affiliate, plants in Georgia, USA. However, the deal went sour after Hyundai broke the company’s secrecy protocol by giving public statements of negotiations, its concerns over letting Apple run the project, and backing out of the partnership. But now it is claimed that the iPhone maker has found other willing partners.

Apple Car

BMW and Honda are among potential Apple Car manufacturers

CNN quotes Japanese analysts to claim that four well-established automobile manufacturers fulfill Apple’s requirements and conditions to work on its electric car.

Honda, Nissan, Stellantis and BMW (BMWYY) are four [who fit the bill].

“Maybe BMW sees it a bit differently, saying, ‘OK, at some point we have to accept that Apple is entering the auto business, and if that is happening, we want to be the partner instead of anybody else,’ ” said Pieper.

Apple Car

The report also detailed that the desire to be in control and mistrust were reasons for falling out between Apple and Hyundai.

The problem between Hyundai and Apple is, supposedly, over the ‘control.’

The problem, in essence, is that both companies are used to being in charge. Hyundai is traditionally known for its reluctance to work with outsiders, making engines, transmissions and even its own steel in-house under its vertically integrated supply chain as South Korea’s second-largest conglomerate […]

“Apple is the boss. They do their marketing, they do their products, they do their brand. Hyundai is also the boss. That does not really work,” the person said.

Currently, Apple provides digital NFC car keys support for the 2021 BMW Series 5 in iOS 14 update. It is also reported that BMW will be the first automotive company to adopt Apple’s updated CarKey version with Ultra-Wideband radio technology.

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