Apple launches Apple Podcasts Spotlight editorial to highlight rising creators

Apple has announced a new editorial franchise called Apple Podcasts Spotlight which aims to highlight rising podcast creators in the United States.

Apple’s Podcast editors determine a specific show to promote, with the selection rotating on a monthly basis Apple Podcasts Spotlight. Apple Podcasts Spotlight is an attempt to get attention for podcasts that the app’s users may want to try listening to, much like Apple Music’s Up Next program. 

Apple Podcasts Spotlight

Apple launches editorial franchise, Apple Podcasts Spotlight to highlight rising creators

The first Apple Podcasts Spotlight creator is Chelsea Devantez, the host of Celebrity Book Club. Joined by special guests, the show celebrates memoirs of female celebrities, books that are typically excluded as frivolous instead of important. Below is a synopsis of the show:

Writer, comedian, and filmmaker Chelsea Devantez and her talented friends recap and celebrate the memoirs of badass celebrity women who have been torn down by tabloids and dissected by social media –all while facing career obstacles, broken relationships, and incredible triumphs. You can read along, or just listen, but either way, you definitely want to join this book club.

Celebrity Book Club

The Global Head of Business for Apple Podcasts, Ben Cave said in a press release that the new Apple Podcasts Spotlight feature will help listeners find ‘some of the world’s best shows’ by highlighting creators:

Apple Podcasts Spotlight helps listeners find some of the world’s best shows by shining a light on creators with singular voices. Chelsea Devantez has created a fun, vibrant spcae with Celebrity Book Club for listeners to gain new perspectives on the celebrities we thought we knew. We are delighted to recognize Chelsea nd Celebrity Book Club as our first Spotlight selection and look forward to introducing creators like Chelsea to listerners each month.

You can subscribe and listen to Celebrity Book Club today on Apple Podcasts. Apple will be highlighting new creators as part of its Apple Podcasts Spotlight editorial franchise every month.

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