Apple puts iPod nano and iPod shuffle to rest

Apple has discontinued iPod nano and iPod shuffle. These were the only iPod variants left that did not have any sort of Internet connectivity or Apple Music support. They also reminded users of a time when iPhone did not exist, and iPods needed to be plugged into computers, to copy music using iTunes.iPod NanoThe death of iPod nano and iPod shuffle also hint at the inevitable demise of iPod touch. It is the last remaining iPod, which acts as the most affordable iOS device, but it always lags behind the iPhone in terms of hardware. Apple has updated iPod touch to 32GB and 128GB variants and reduced the prices to $199 and $299 respectively. Users can buy an iPad starting from $329 so the high-end iPod touch version does not even justify its price.¬†Perhaps, the only users left for iPod touch are those who use it just to listen to music during exercise or developers and enthusiasts who like to have an extra device for testing beta iOS versions and apps. I would not be surprised if Apple kills it in a year or two, just like it’s slowly phasing out the MacBook Air by not updating it, except for storage updates.

Apple has never been one to shy away from killing its own products. The iPhone killed off a lot of products, including compact cameras and portable gaming consoles (excluding the ones by Nintendo). Heck, I don’t even remember the last time I used a good old dictionary made out of paper. iPod and portable media players from other countries have also been victims of iPhone’s success. Nowadays, every smartphone offers respectable music playback, supports apps that provide all-you-can-listen music subscription services and enough storage to cary more than a 1,000 songs in your pocket.

While Apple released a number of different iPods, including Classic, Mini, Nano and Shuffle, my personal favorite has always been the Nano. It was announced on the same day as the Motorola Rokr and blew it away. It was as thin as a number 2 pencil and unbelievably light for an electronic product. Apple could have just called it iPod Air and it would have been a perfect name too. Not to forget, the way Steve Jobs introduced it to the world was absolutely amazing. Watch the unveiling video starting from the 36 minutes mark to get a blast from the past.

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