Apple Releases New iPhone 4 TV Ad That Focuses On Its Battery!

Last month, Apple released ‘The Amazing Retina display‘ commercial for the iPhone 4 highlighting its stunning display resolution. Now, their latest TV Ad focuses on the iPhone 4’s longer lasting lithium polymer battery and points out how you can work longer via email, play games for longer times and listen to the music longer on iPod among other advantages of having more juice loaded in the iPhone 4’s battery.


This is the first time Apple has highlighted the ‘killer battery life’ of any of the iPhone models launched till date in a TV commercial. Since Apple has put a lot in developing its battery technology for all its products, they though it was about time they showed it off, starting with the iPhone 4!

Watch the new iPhone 4 TV Ad below and tell us what you think in the comments section:

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[via TUAW]

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