Apple Welcomes ‘The Beatles’ To iTunes In Today’s “You’ll Never Forget…” Announcement!


Apple promised to surprise the world with ‘an exciting announcement‘ via iTunes today and they have done so with finally managing to get the Beatles to iTunes, the band that changed everything in the industry of music! The complete Beatles Box Set is now selling on iTunes for $149.99 while the individual albums range from $12.99 to $19.99. You can also buy individual songs for $1.29 each.

“The Beatles. The band that changed everything is now on iTunes. Get all of the studio albums and collections – each album comes with iTunes LP, featuring lyrics, photos, and more. Or you can download the digital box set that includes the band’s entire catalogue, mini-documentary features on each album, and a video of the band’s first concert on U.S. soil in its entirety, the 1964 show at Washington Coliseum.”


Apple has also released a set of TV Ads announcing the arrival of The Beatles on iTunes.

The Beatles now in iTunes: Coming To America

The Beatles – Let It Be

You can view the entire Beatles collection on iTunes here. (iTunes Link)

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