Now, Apple can repair Face ID on iPhone X without replacing the entire device

In an internal memo sent to Apple Stores and authorized service providers, Apple states that it has tools to repair the Face ID module on an iPhone X without replacing the entire phone. Previously, the company replaced the whole unit with a new one if Face ID stopped working for some reason.

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Earlier this year, the tech company informed Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers that they will provide access to a new TrueDepth Camera service part which includes all the Face ID and selfie camera components for repair technicians to replace the affected part instead of replacing the whole device. However, the Face ID module repair was only supported for iPhone XS and newer models, not for iPhone XS and later models.

Apple can now repair broken Face ID on all compatible iPhone models, iPhone X and newer

In 2017, Apple introduced the Face ID authentication feature by housing Face ID components in the notch of the iPhone X. Although Face ID is a faster way to unlock an iPhone, log in to websites or apps, and make online payments, getting it replaced was not easy until now.

With the support of Face ID repair without replacing the entire device extended to iPhone X as well, now Face ID on all compatible iPhone models can be repaired without replacing the unit.

MacRumors writes that “Apple has expanded its program that allows customers to get their Face ID system repaired without replacing the entire device to the iPhone X, according to a memo.”

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To discourage third-party repairs, it was found that Apple made Face ID non-functional if the iPhone 13 screen was replaced by a third-party screen. That discovery created a lot of a ruckus among the Right to Repair movement advocates and the company eventually removed the right to repair speed bump in an update.

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