Apple seeds macOS Big Sur beta 7 to developers

macOS Big Sur beta 7 is now available for developers. The latest Mac software’s beta 7 version is seeded after Apple’s September 15 event and the public release of iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and watchOS 7. The new operating systems were announced at the World Wide Developers Conference 2020 and were going through the design and feature changes, and performance improvements. However, macOS Big Sur is still in the beta testing phase and might be publicly released soon.

Registered developers can update their Mac via Systems Preferences > Software Update. To use the software in the beta phase for their apps, developers have to create their profile at Apple Developer Program for a $99 per year membership. We have an easy and free way for users to download the developers’ macOS beta version here.

macOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur – New Features and Changes

Designed to deliver a unified architecture across iPhone, iPad, and Apple Silicon Mac, the new macOS Big Sur offers a variety of new features and changes to enhance users’ experience. Here are some of the redesigned features coming to Mac:

  1. Updated Menu Bar: The menu bar is now translucent and taller.
  2. New Icons: All app icons in the floating dock have been redesigned with a fresh look and some stylistic touches.
  3. Redesigned Sheets: The apo no longer has borders and bezels and background dims and scales in the center, automatically.
  4. New Symbols: New symbols for apps in the Toolbars, Sidebars, and controls.
  5. New Control Center Designed for Mac: The new Mac Control Center is similar to iOS’s Control Center and enables users to quickly access controls like WiFi, Bluetooth, AirDrop, and more, without opening system settings.macOS Big Sur
  6. Updated Notification Center: Users can place notifications and widgets into a single column.
  7. Interactive Notifications: Users can expand Notifications from Apple Podcasts, Mail, Calendar, and other app and can reply from within the notification center.
  8. Redesigned and Customizable Widgets: Add new widgets to the Control center and customize their size depending on their needs. Third-party widgets can be discovered on the App Store.
  9. Customizable Start Page: Add preferred background image from Safari’s gallery or from Photos.
  10. Favicons, More tabs display, and website previews: Default tab favicons by Apple are designed to help users to quickly identify the tabs they want to navigate to and more.

Read about everything new in macOS Big Sur.

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