Apple is reducing the size of its Face ID sensor in upcoming iPhone and iPad models

Apple is working on reducing the size of its Face ID sensor for its next-generation iPhone and iPad models that will be launching later this year. This is not the first time we have heard this report, as it has already been confirmed via various sources that the Face ID sensor and notch will be reduced in size in the upcoming iPhones.

iPhone 13 notch Face ID

Face ID on iPhone 13 could be 40%-50% smaller

The new report comes from DigiTimes in which the publication says that Apple is scaling down the die size for VCSEL chips used for its Face ID sensors by 40%-50%, which would effectively cut their size in half. This reduction in size will not only help in reducing the size of the notch in the new iPhone but will also help cut down production costs by allowing more VCSEL chips to be manufactured from each wafer.

DigiTimes claims that scaling down the size of the chip will allow Apple to add new features due to more free space inside the new iPhone and iPad, although it is unclear what Apple might add.

Back in January, DigiTimes had reported that Apple will be reducing the size of the notch on iPhone 13 by integrating various Face ID sensors on the same camera module, similar to the LiDAR scanner on the rear of these iPhones. Apple will also use an ultrawide angle lens with 6P elements instead of 5P in the current Face ID systems modules.

The next-generation iPhones’ Face ID system will see some design changes with the size of the notch at the top of the screen to shrink and their ultrawide angle lens upgraded from 5P to 6P, the sources said.

The new design integrates Rx, Tx and flood illuminator into the same camera module, similar to that of a LiDAR scanner in the back camera module, to enable smaller notch sizes, the sources stated.

A few leaked dummy units and 3D renders have already given us an idea of what the smaller notch on iPhone 13 would look like. Check out these leaks below:


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