Apple stops signing iOS 16.2, impossible to downgrade from iOS 16.3

Following the public release of the latest iOS 16.3 update, Apple has stopped signing the previous iOS 16.2 version. This means a downgrade from iOS 16.3 is impossible now.

iOS 16.3

For performance improvements and security updates, Apple stops signing the older version of the iOS update after a few days of the public release of the new update. As the latest software update includes new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes it delivers an enhanced user experience and protection them from malicious malware or security vulnerabilities.

Another reason for making downgrade from the latest version impossible is to make jailbreaking tools ineffective which allows users to remove Apple’s restrictions and download unauthorized apps.

Apple is strongly against jailbreaking iPhones because it increases the chance of installing malware on the device that would weaken iOS security and jeopardize users’ privacy. As jailbreak of the latest version is not immediately available, mandating an update to the new version reverses the jailbreak. And this way Apple ensures that all compatible devices run on the latest OS version by making it impossible to downgrade from it.

iOS 16.3

Downgrade from iOS 16.3 to iOS 16.2 is no longer possible

Apple released iOS 16 in September 2022 and was updated periodically with subsequent updates. But users have been facing a “plethora of bugs” on the update and iOS 16.2 was no exception. Several issues were reported like notes not syncing with iCloud, search in Messages, Hiding IP Address settings, and others. 

The latest iOS 16.3 version not only brings new features like Unity wallpapers, Security Keys for Apple ID, support for HomePod 2, and others. But more importantly, it fixes multiple bugs like issues where horizontal lines may temporarily appear on iPhone 14 Pro Max, Home Lock Screen widget not showing the Home app status accurately, Siri not responding to requests, and more.

Therefore users are always advised to upgrade to the latest iOS version to optimize performance and strengthen security.

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