Apple Store management in VA accused of holding an anti-union meeting

Cupertino tech giant is fighting a wave of unionization in multiple Apple Stores in the United States. Recently, a location in St.Louis filed a petition with the NLRV to vote on a union after stores in Maryland and Oklahoma city unionized.

Now, the management at the Apple Reston store in Virginia is accused of using the mandatory daily download for anti-union discussions.

Previously, it was reported that the company has shared “talking points” with its store managers to share the disadvantages of unionization with employees.

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Concerned by unionization, Apple Store leader tells staff secret talks about things were not a good thing to do

According to AppleInsider, an employee at the location sent emails to inform the publisher that the store’s management was promoting the idea that “unions aren’t the way forward” at the mandatory daily download from Saturday morning and it was not “a good thing” to be having “secret talks about things.”

Allegedly, the store leader discussed the drawback of unionization like withholding of benefits, and seniority-based promotion, and also questioned the ulterior motives of union reps.

There was also a discussion on how collective bargaining made it tougher for workers to get benefits, and warned that promotions would become seniority-based rather than performance or merit-based. One supposed analogy claimed “It’s like trying to get dinner with a group of 30 people. It’s hard to make a decision and nothing gets done.”

The store leader is also said to have declared “it’s legal for union reps to like to you about what unions can do to get you to join.”

The grieved employee believes that the company was “shaming” retail staff by talking about unions.

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