Popular iOS app ‘Secure ShellFish’ is now available on macOS

Popular iOS and iPadOS app, Secure ShellFish is now available on macOS to offer access to SSh and SFTP servers, cross-device support, and more.

Secure ShellFish offers a native Terminal on iOS and macOS for users to configure unlimited numbers of servers for enhanced performance, accessibility, and text selection experience.

Secure ShellFish - macOs

‘Secure ShellFish’ on macOS brings new features and cross-device support

Developer Anders Borum has released the macOS version of Secure ShellFish with new features and performance improvements.

On macOS, the app comes with full integration with Finder for Mac users to upload files directly from the Services menu, the iOS version of the app uses the Files app.

Finally Secure ShellFish is available on the Mac bringing seamless access to SSH servers to your most used computer.

Server files are available in the ShellFish location of the Finder and available as part of the filesystem anywhere on the Mac.

First class tmux support is particularly useful on the Mac. Never worry about losing the network connection and handoff sessions between iPhone, iPad and Mac. It feels like magic.

Secure ShellFish - macOs

Mac users can also send notifications, updated widgets from the terminal, create rich shortcuts, and enjoy convenience and security with iCloud Keychain support, servers are synced across Apple devices.

Secure ShellFish is available on App Store with in-app purchases starting from $2.99. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac and requires iOS 15.2 or later and macOS 13.0 or later, respectively.

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