Apple’s major supplier Foxconn is not affected by recent floods in China

According to a report from The Washington Journal, Apple’s largest supplier for iPhone, Foxconn, has not been impacted by the recent floods in China.  Zhengzhou, where Foxconn’s factory is located, has been recently hit with torrential rain creating flash floods.

According to local authorities, it city received more rain in an hour than it would in an average month and is suffering from intense flooding. Over 100,000 people have been relocated, at least 25 people have died and seven are missing. Media outlets report that the army is called in to aid the flood rescue efforts and the teams have successfully rescued people stuck in buses on flooded roads, and buildings.

Apple - Foxconn

An emergency response plan saves Foxconn’s unit in Zhengzhou from flooding

Zhengzhou is an important industrial hub and home to a major factory run by Hon Hai Precision Industry, also known as Foxconn. It is the biggest assembly plant for Apple’s iPhone. The China-based company told CNBC that it had “activated an emergency response plan for flood control measures in that location.”

We can confirm that there has been no direct impact on our facility in that location to date and we are closely mointoring the situation and will provide any updates as approriate.

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced via Weibo that Apple will donate to support the relief effort in China. The heavy rainfall, which has displaced numerous local residents of the province Henan, is expected to continue until Wednesday evening. Authorities have suspended the city’s hardware network and flights in response. Last week, Cook also announced that Apple would be donating to support relief efforts in Belgium, Western Europe, Germany via Twitter.

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