Apple suppliers gearing up to supply OLED displays for iPad by 2024, and MacBook models later

According to a new report, Apple supplier BOE Technology is preparing to supply the Cupertino tech giant with OLED displays for future iPad and MacBook models starting in 2024.

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Apple supplier BOE to start Gen 8 IT OLED display production in 2024

Rumors of Apple’s iPad lineup gaining OLED panels have been floating around for quite some time with the iPad Pro expected to adopt the technology first. According to The Elec, China’s BOE is planning to build a Gen 8.6 IT OLED panel production line at its B16 factory in the city of Chengdu in Sichuan Province, China, in preparation for Apple’s future supply requirements. The new production line will be fully functional near the end of 2024.

As per the report, BOE plans to rival South Korea’s Samsung Display and LG Display by working on its own OLED panels for future iPad and MacBook models to secure Apple’s business.

As per previous reports, both Samsung Display and LG Display are rumored to use Gen 6 production lines for their first OLED panels for iPads before transitioning to Gen 8.5 production lines for future Apple devices set to launch after the first iPad model with an OLED display is released. Using Gen 8.5 production lines is more advantageous for companies from an economical standpoint as they yield more OLED panels per substrate compared to Gen 6 lines.

Like its competitors, BOE is also testing two-stack tandem OLED technology, which increases the brightness and lifespan of the display. In addition, the technology would also allow Apple to enable a variable refresh rate between 10Hz and 120Hz for its ProMotion display. This is why two-stack tandem OLED panels are better suited for iPads and MacBooks since they are used for longer periods of time than a smartphone.

The Elec reiterated that the Cupertino tech giant is on track to introduce its first OLED iPad models by 2024. A previous report claimed that the first OLED MacBook would launch in 2025, based on how well the 11- and 12.9-inch OLED iPad Pro models from the previous year perform in the market.

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