Samsung to make two-stack tandem OLED panels for future Macs and iPads

According to a new report, Samsung has just started the development of new OLED panels that use a two-stack tandem structure for future iPads and Macs. As per the report, the South Korean display maker is developing the panels to win an order for Apple OLED iPads expected to launch by 2024.

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2024 iPad to feature display made by Samsung

It was previously reported that Samsung had agreed to produce a two-stack display for the OLED iPads with larger displays that have two emission layers, thus increasing brightness and increasing the lifespan of the display. According to a report by The Elec:

“Having a two-stack structure, as opposed to the single-stack structure currently manufactured by Samsung Display, doubles the brightness of the OLED panel while its life span is expected to be quadrupled,” explains the publication.

The new technology is costly which is why the two companies had a falling out regarding the deal. It was then revealed that the South Korean display maker said it would consider manufacturing the two-stack tandem OLED screens if Apple placed a large enough order. Now that both companies have reached an agreement, it will take a while for future Apple products to adopt OLED technology.

future OLED displays for iPad made by Samsung

Samsung has now started developing the two-stack panels, which it calls the T Series (T for tandem), and is aiming to start mass production in 2023. It will then move on to developing the T2 series for which it plans to start commercial production in 2024. So, the first products with this display will likely launch in Apple’s 2024 iPads.

Samsung could first use the advanced OLED technology in its Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Books series but we do not know if the cost of producing these panels will result in a price bump for customers.

According to a previous report by The Elec, LG preparing large-scale facilities for new production lines of 6th generation OLED panels in Paju aimed to start this fall. The company is aiming to double its OLED production capacity to account for next-gen iPhone and iPad models.

A separate report claimed that Apple supplier BOE is also gearing up to expand its manufacturing capacity to capture a bigger share of the tech giant’s business. 

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